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PS1D Price Computing Scale Quick response

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PS1D Price Computing Scale Quick response Golden Lotus Scale -!- Contact and Order

PS1D Price Computing Scale Quick response

( PS1D Electronic scale PS1D Price Computing Scale comfortable with print bill is Option, User interaction and customer support sales staff, cash instantly, smart interface, fast and light keys, a very handy product for retail transactions charged immediately and print invoices, applies to chain stores, hotels and restaurants, Mini supermarkets, sales perfect solution weight (grams / kg / lb) and no weight (cans / boxes / piece / bag, ..) - simple and fast favorable sales, Golden Lotus weighing scale introduce to you, the solution PS1D Price Computing Scale high efficiency made from famous manufacturers with Aclas benefits from this technology. “World close to you – hands to hands

Quick specifications

- Inner resolution: 1/30000

- Weight range:0-15-30Kg

- Power: 3pcs D type dry batteries

- Working temperature: 0℃~40℃

- Working humidity: 5%~85%R.H.

- Over loading warning: Over 100.015%

- PS1D : With backlight / With hotkeys / With communication port


- Unique super power-saving design in the world, only 3 D alkaline batteries can drive the scale 2 years (8 hours each day, 30 times each hour, 10 seconds each time)
- Unique multi customers accumulating function (patent) with five accumulating keys, able to accumulate for five customers at the same time. One piece of scale could equal to five scales.
- Insect-proof design (patent), able to prevent the defect caused by bugs entering into the machine, reducing 80% failure.
- Patent vibration-detected-circuit design, most of the time in super power saving stand-by status(21uA)will enter into working status by any loading(backlight degree 1~7,default 1 degree, 5.5mA).
- Lower cost: 3 D type dry batteries can drive the scale for 2-3 years. The life of traditional lead batteries is only 2 years and need professional people to replace, expensive and often break down.
- The first one produces lithium battery charging type.
- High-sensitive light touch keyboard and super life-long carbon membrane.
- Daily total turnover check function.
- Patent hot keypad (PS1XD with 35*2 PLU keyboard), not only can be printed to put PLU sheet underneath, but also can be used as unit price default keys, improve sale efficiency.
- The most feature-rich in redisplay function, able to redisplay the transaction process which including unit price, piece weight, total price, price unit and serial number, clearer than other scales in market.
- Patent tempered glass platter, practical, good looking and easy to clean. (Also have the type with stainless steel platter or plastic platter).
- Super 3-line 8 characters LCD display, able to display weight, unit price and total price in the same screen.
- Well-designed combined function keys, convenience and easy to operate.
- The type with communication port (PS1XC/PS1XD), able to connect with POS or ECR. Optional RS232 dongle to realize wireless communication. Price weighing scale Supply by (A Golden Lotus scale company at South of  VietNam).

Technical data


Functional features

- 8 memory unit price key, convenient to operate when busy.

- High anti-interference. The radiation intensity to radio frequency electromagnetic fields up to 10v/m.

- Auto-power saving design, will enter into the stand-by status automatically without any operation (user-defined 4~200 seconds at will, 200 seconds won’t enter into auto-power saving status) only consuming 21μA., able to be awake by any loading or operation due to the inner shaking mechanism.(Please tap the platter when there is no response in loading).

- Support backlight (PS1XB/PS1XC/PS1XD) shift function by pressing the backlight key for 1.5 seconds, able to save electric power by turning off backlight in bright area and extend service life of dry battery. 

- Golden Lotus scale will support the installation and adjustment of parameters weight, PLU settings, network settings to connect computers and user actions.

- CHG function, assist users to change notes accuracy.

- Store 70PLU(PS1XD).

- Support price-lock function, suitable to sell weighing commodity of same price.

- Price unit (500g) or kilogram (KG) can be set, suitable to traditional market.

- Two optional ranges: 15kg (e=2g/5g) or 30kg (e=5g/10g).



* Comfortable PS1D Price Computing Scale for Retail weighing solution, electronic supermarket sales intelligence solutions and solve most of the problems related to the purchase and sale of business and retail, supermarket weighing scales solution Golden Lotus scale is full of devices and electronic scales, Price Computing Scale, pricing scales, scales printed bill, cash balance scale, Mini supermarket electronic scales, price weighing scale product selection PS1D Price Computing Scale high efficiency of Aclas Taiwan retail scales to have good prices and good service mode.

* Golden Lotus retail and commercial digital weighing scales for you. Make you simple work, quickly work, increase in sales and operating profit.

* Do not hesitate to contact us for advice the weight supermarket Free at Golden Lotus ! # 08 3511 7799

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